GlobeHopper® Senior Single-Trip
GlobeHopper® Senior Single-Trip

All amounts shown are in U.S. dollars. URC - Usual, Reasonable and Customary charges.
Limit/Other Limit/Amount for Eligible Medical Expenses
Period of Coverage Minimum 5 days, up to a maximum of 365 days
Area of Coverage Outside the United States
Maximum Limit per Period of Coverage
Age: 65-79
$50,000, $100,000, $500,000, or $1,000,000
Maximum Limit per Period of Coverage
Age: 80+
Deductible $0*, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500
* 0 Deductible only available with $50,000 and $100,000 maximum limit
Coinsurance No coinsurance
Sudden & Unexpected Reoccurrence of Pre-existing Condition Eligible medical expenses: $2,500 maximum limit.
Emergency medical evacuation: $25,000 maximum limit.
Inpatient/Outpatient Benefits
Charges for
Maximum Limits per Period of Coverage, or if indicated, per lifetime
Hospital Room & Board Average semi-private room rate
Intensive Care Unit URC
Surgery URC
Physician Visits URC
Diagnostic Procedures URC
Prescription Medication URC
Home Nursing Care URC
Durable Medical Equipment URC
Continuation of Treatment Period Earlier of 6 months per Injury or Illness, or upon return to home country
Evacuation Benefits
(Must be approved in advance and coordinated by the company. Not subject to the deductible)
Maximum Limits per Period of Coverage or if Indicated, per Lifetime
Emergency Medical Evacuation $250,000 lifetime maximum
Emergency Reunion $50,000 lifetime maximum
Non-Emergency Medical Evacuation $25,000 lifetime maximum
Return of Mortal Remains $50,000 lifetime maximum
Local Burial/Cremation $5,000 lifetime maximum
Political Evacuation $50,000 lifetime maximum
Inter-facility Transportation $2,500 lifetime maximum
Natural Disaster $100 per day for five days, $5,000 lifetime maximum for evacuations
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Maximum Limits per Period of Coverage or if Indicated, per Lifetime
Terrorism $50,000 lifetime maximum. Not subject to the deductible
Accidental Death and Dismemberment $25,000 principal sum
Common Carrier Accidental Death $100,000 per adult/ $250,000 per family lifetime maximum
Trip Interruption $5,000
Lost Luggage $50 maximum per item of personal property, $250 overall maximum
Hospital Indemnity $250 per night, 30 overnights maximum
Identity Theft $500
Felonious Battery $10,000 lifetime maximum
Local Ambulance Expense $5,000
Emergency Room - Due to Accident or Illness with Inpatient Admission URC
Emergency Room - without Inpatient Admission URC. Subject to additional $250 deductible
Dental Emergency - Treatment due to Accident URC
Dental Emergency - Treatment of Unexpected Pain to Natural Teeth $100

This invitation to inquire allows eligible applicants an opportunity to inquire further about the insurance offered and is limited to a brief description of any loss for which benefits may be payable. Benefits are offered as described in the insurance contract. Benefits are subject to all deductibles, coinsurance, provisions, terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions in the insurance contract. The contract does contain a pre-existing condition exclusion and does not cover losses or expenses related to a pre-existing condition.