TaiAn Patriot ExchangeSM
TaiAn Patriot ExchangeSM

Maximum Limit Unlimited
Coinsurance for Eligible Medical Expenses Plan pays 100%; Insured pays 0%
Deductible $0, $100, $250, $500
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International Emergency Care A wide range of international emergency benefits available, including emergency evacuation, emergency reunion, and return of mortal remains
Dependent Coverage Coverage provided for dependents of faculty, scholars, students, and exchange participants
Optional Add-on Plan Additional coverage is available for high school sports, personal liability, and legal assistance
Hospitalization/Room & Board 100%
Intensive Care 100%
Bedside Visit
  • Not subject to Deductible
  • Maximum Limit: $1,500
  • Hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit
Physical Therapy: Inpatient 100% - medical order or treatment plan required
Physical Therapy: Outpatient 100% - medical order or treatment plan required; 1 visit per day
Physician Visits/Services 100% - 1 visit per day
Student Health Center $5 copay per visit
Prescriptions 100%
Eligible Medical Expenses 100%
Hospital Emergency Room
  • Injury: Not subject to Emergency Room Deductible
  • Illness: Subject to a $250 deductible for each emergency room visit for treatment that does not result in a direct hospital admission
Dental Treatment
  • Period of Coverage Limit: $350 (treatment due to unexpected pain to sound, natural teeth)
  • Period of Coverage Limit per Injury: $500 (Non-emergency treatment by a dental provider due to an accident)
100% - subject to deductible
Traumatic Dental Injury
  • Treatment at a hospital due to an accident
  • Additional treatment for the same injury rendered by a dental provider will be paid at 100%
100% - subject to deductible
INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY CARE (When coordinated through the Plan Administrator)
Emergency Medical Evacuation 100% - $50,000 maximum limit
Emergency Reunion 100% - $15,000 maximum limit; 15 day maximum; $25 meal maximum per day
Return of Mortal Remains 100% - $25,000 maximum limit for return of mortal remains or $5,000 for cremation/burial
Political Evacuation & Repatriation 100% - $10,000 maximum limit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Principal Sum Maximum Limit: $25,000
Accidental Death: 100% of Principal Sum
Death must occur within 90 days of the accident
Terrorism 100% - up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Pre-existing Conditions Period of Coverage Limit (after 12 continuous months): $500
Maximum Limit: $1,500
Incidental Trip 100% - maximum days: 14
High School Interscholastic, Intramural, or Club Sports Coverage Up to Maximum Limit per Illness or Injury shown in the Declaration for Eligible Medical Expenses
Lost Personal Property $250 Maximum Limit per Period of Insurance for loss or theft of (a) Baggage; (b) Valuables; or (c) Personal papers.
Legal Assistance $500 Maximum Limit per Period of Coverage for legal expenses incurred in the event the Insured Person is served a summons, complaint, or other legal notice of a valid claim for personal injury or property damage against the Insured Person
Personal Liability

$2,000 Maximum Limit per Period of Coverage after $100 deductible is met for Injury caused by the Insured Person to a third party.

$500 Maximum Limit per Period of Coverage after $100 deductible is met for damage caused by the Insured Person to a third party’s property.